Smoking Tobacco Death and Disease
Smoking Tobacco Death and Disease

Smoking Tobacco Death and Disease

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The follow is a description of a bronchoscopy procedure
to obtain tissue for diagnosis.

View Video on a Bronchoscopy &
Lung Biopsy

The patient underwent a bronchoscopy. This procedure uses a fiberoptic light cord which has a channel for suctioning secretions and biopsying the patient's lung cancer.


This is a picture of the "carina" which is where the windpipe divides into right and left main stem bronchi which leads to the right and left lungs. 


This picture shows the a collapsed and blocked right upper lobe bronchus and the passage way leading to the right lower and middle lobes.


Lower and Middle Lobe Bronchial Opening:


Picture of the lung cancer in the right upper lobe bronchus

Cells from the cancer can be obtained in three ways:

#1.  From bronchial washings by squirting saline into the lungs and suctioning in into a suction trap:
#2.  From bronchial brushings:

#3. From bronchial biopsy using micro-cup forceps:





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