Smoking Tobacco Death and Disease
Smoking Tobacco Death and Disease


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bulletThe annual cost of tobacco use is more than $50 billion in direct medical costs, for a total of 97 billion in health care costs and lost productivity.
bulletIf every smoker would smoke one less cigarette per day it would cost the tobacco industry one to two billion dollars per year.
bulletIn 2007, the US Centers for Disease Control an d Prevention estimated that the heath care costs associated with smoking were $10.28 per pack. (Lexington Herald Leader Nov 25, 2007).
bulletSmokers pay twice as much for life insurance and will die an average of over 12 years sooner than non-smokers.
bulletDepending upon where you live in the US a habit of one pack per day can cost up to $1800 per year. Source: USMC National Health Naval Research Center - San Diego, CA.
bulletIf instead of smoking 2 packs per day for 50 years, you could have had an estimated $1,000,000 if you invested it in a major tobacco company (see calculator below).
bulletThe average cost of treating squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck ( a cancer caused almost exclusively by smoking ) is $25,542 more than the cost of treating other comparable solid tumors (Lang 2004).   View Abstract

Below is a Calculator To Determine The Amount of Money You Have Spent On Tobacco Products Over Your Life Time

The calculator only determines estimate values.  It is not to be used for investment purposes.  It is the users responsibility to check the validity of all calculated values
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