Smoking Tobacco Death and Disease
Smoking Tobacco Death and Disease


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A Tip from a Former Smoker: After you have a lung removed take short breaths.

bullet Kentucky is number one in Lung Cancer and Number One in Smoking.       
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Kentucky has 76.5 Deaths per 100,000 citizens each year.   

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bullet Smoking causes 87% of all lung cancer cases.  Smokers have approximately one chance in 10 of developing lung cancer over his/her lifetime.   Kentucky has the highest incidence of adult smoking (2) and the highest incidence of lung cancer - (in 1997 to 1998 82 cases per 100,000 people per year).  Lung cancer rates are 52% higher in Kentucky than the national average (1).
To the right is a picture of a surgical specimen of a lung, filled with cancer.

View Video of Laryngoscopy Video of a Vocal Cord Paralysis Caused By Lung Cancer

View Bronchoscopy & Lung Biopsy Video - 5 Min Movie with Narration





United States Totals 2004 (3)
Lung and Bronchus Cancer

173,770 160,440

Kentucky Totals 2004 (3)
Lung and Bronchus Cancer

3660 3380

Kentucky Totals 2002 (2)
Lung and Bronchus Cancer

3400 3100

   References:  (1) Lung Cancer Policy Brief Volume 1 Issue 2 - University of Kentucky Prevention Research  Center  
(2) CA  A Cancer Journal for Clinicians.   Vol 52 No 1 Jan/Feb 2002
(3) CA  A Cancer Journal for Clinicians.   Vol 54 No 1 Jan/Feb 2004

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The X-Rays shown below are from a 57 year old, with a 75 pack year history of smoking, who was found to have a carcinoma in the upper portion of his right lung.  The far left hand picture is a chest X-Ray which shows a lesion in the patient's right lung with deviation of the trachea ( wind pipe ) to the right side (red arrows).  The left hand pictures are Chest CT Scans of the same lesion.      Click on Pictures to Enlarge


View Bronchoscopy Video and Lung Biopsy on this patient
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