Smoking Tobacco Death and Disease
Smoking Tobacco Death and Disease


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Below are excerpts from several tobacco documents posted by the University of San Francisco Library.  Many of the documents are of poor quality.  Links are provided to the documents so you may verify the quote and the context it was made in. 
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bulletSmoking and Larynx (voice box) Cancer.  Squamous metaplasia is a precursor to cancer.
1975.  "Squamous metaplasia occurred in the larynx of every rat expos(ed to) smoke, including those in the group subjected to smoke from cigaret(tes) containing the lowest proportion (25%) of tobacco."   B&W Archive--1975, Document 1127.01  Page 3; PDF Page 3.  View Document:    View PDF

bulletTobacco and Carcinogens

19()  Smoking, Associated Diseases and Causality -- Dr. S.J. Green.
"Thus  the argument that since there are heavy smokers who do not have lung cancer (and, of course, the majority do not) and because there are some rare cases of non-smokers who do have lung cancer then smoking does not cause lung cancer, is totally fallacious..."   "...Thus for male smokers in the U.S., the U.S.A. and several other countries from the epidemiological evidence alone it can be concluded that smoking cigarettes causes lung cancer and some other respiratory diseases."  B&W Archive-- Document 1192.02 Pages 4 & 5; PDF Pages 4 & 5. 
View Document   View PDF
1952 "Cancer is "investigated from a literature standpoint" in light of "frightening testimony" from epidemiology studies. A carcinogenic hydrocarbon, benzo(a)pyrene is partially isolated from tobacco leaf and smoke." B&W Archive-- Document 1006.01 Page 2;  PDF Page 3.   View Document    View PDF
1962   "The central fact in this subject is that in sufficient doses tobacco condensate acts as a carcinogen when painted on the backs of mice or when injected subcutaneously into () sufficient doses it also acts as a co-carcinogen in mousse painting tests"  B&W Archive--1962, Document 1102.01  Page 7; PDF Page 10.  View Document   View PDF
1967. "Preliminary PROJECT JANUS results show that a reduction of benzo(a)pyrene as the result of the addition of potassium carbonate does not reduce tumorigenicity in mouse skin painting tests.   B&W Archive--1967, Document 1006.01  Page 9; PDF Page 10.  View Document   View PDF
1967. "(1)...the carcinogenic effect of smoke is not simple. It may well be a combination of initiators and promoters, a hypothesis that is well founded on other experimental evidence.
(2) The carcinogenic effect of smoke condensate on mouse skin cannot be accounted for by the presence of benzpyrene known to be there."  B&W Archive--1967, Document 1227.06  Page 2; PDF Page 2.   View Document   View PDF
1971   "Cigarette smoke condensate does not produce instant tumours. The earliest tumours produced at Battelle have occurred about the 20th week of an experiment, and usually the time is about 28 to 32 weeks.  ...only 15% of the animals escaped becoming tumour-bearing during the remainder of the experiment.   B&W Archive--1971, Document 1138.04 Page 3 & 4;  PDF Page 3 & 4.  View Document   View PDF
bulletTobacco and Addiction
1962 "Lastly, smoking is a habit of addiction that is pleasurable..."
B&W Archive--1962 Document 1102.02 Page 4 & PDF Page 7  Document   View PDF  
1963 "Moreover, nicotine is addictive. We are then in the business of selling nicotine, an addictive drug effective in the release of stress mechanisms."
B&W Archive--1963 Document 1200.05   Page 4.  View Document  View PDF
1967 Sir Charles Ellis is reported to have said. "We are in a nicotine rather than a tobacco industry"   
B&W Archive --1967 Document 1006.01  Page 10; PDF Page 11  Document   View PDF  
B&W Archive --1967 Document 1006.01  Page 11; PDF Page 12  Document   View PDF
B&W Archive --1967 Document 1201.01  Page10;  PDF Page 2    Document   View PDF
1967 "One of the assumptions made at this conference is that "smoking is an addictive habit attributable to nicotine and the form of nicotine effects the rate of absorption by the smoker." "  B&W Archive --1967 Document 1006.01  Page 10 and PDF Page 11.  View Document   View PDF

bulletIncreasing the Delivery of Nicotine in Cigarettes.

1965.  "Their (new smoke research facilities) approach seems to be to find ways of obtaining maximum nicotine for minimum tar. Approaches being used include:
(a) P.E.I. treatment of filters.
(b) Nicotine fortification of cigarette paper
(c) Addition of nicotine containing powers to tobacco
(d) Alteration of blends"
B&W Archive--1965, Document 1105.01  Page 2; PDF Page 2. View Document  View PDF
1967.  "Mr (). C. Horsewell continues to work with alkaline filter additives which selectively increase nicotine delivery."
B&W Archive--1967, Document 1201.01  Page 11; PDF Page 3.  
View PDF  
bulletEffects on the Lining of the Nose
1962  "In each case, these studies indicate that cigarette smoke inhibits to a varying degree the action of the cilia."  BATCO Collec
tion  PHENOL IN CIGARETTE SMOKE AND ITS EFFECT ON CILIA   Document 105531989 to 105531990, Date 5/25/1962  Document Page 2; PDF Page 2.   View Document   View PDF 
1966.  "On June 6, 1966, Battelle reports results of goblet cell tests conducted for BATCo in PROJECT CONQUEROR which show that cigarette smoke exposure results in increased goblet cell formation in rat trachea..."
B&W Archive--1966 Document 1006.01  Page 7; PDF Page 8. View Document   View PDF
1975.  "Most rats survived to termination and the inhaled smoke caused:
1. Squamous metaplasia in the larynx.
2. Hyperplasia and keratinization in the larynx.
3. Goblet cell hyperplasia in the bronchi.
4. Goblet cell hyperplasia in the nasal cavity.
5. Increase macrophage activity in the lungs."
B&W Archive --Document 1127.0 page 2.& PDF Page 2.   View Document   View PDF  


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